Wisdom of The Wolf

Animals are powerful teachers of insight

Wolves are the majestic, highly intelligent creatures of the animal kingdom.  The Wolf has an enormous appreciation of family, spirit, resiliency and loyalty.

Interactive encounters with an animal, more Wolf than dog, provides a journey of self-discovery, profound humbleness and guidance to be in touch with one’s intuitiveness.

Working with Wolves provides opportunities to teach life skills such as trust, respect, honesty and communication.  Wolves are shy and cautious by nature.  Relationships mean everything to the Wolf for survival.  An interactive encounter with a Wolf, begins through the development of a relationship.  The connection is established over time, providing you with the opportunity to experience patience, humility, compassion and empathy ~ all the fundamentals required to enable self-growth and self-awareness.

Wolves are highly sensitive, with an extraordinary ability to read minds and decipher body language.  Wolves are highly observant, and they will be watching for your body movements and interpreting the intentions behind it.

Interactive encounters with Wolves are experiential.  During the interaction, the Wolf is teaching you how to be present, how to be more self-aware, how to communicate and how to receive their wisdom through intuition.  All of these teachings require the use of your senses:

Body ~ Mind ~ Emotion ~ Spirit

How to Prepare

Wolves are masters at intuitive communication. They interact within their pack intuitively and are able to connect their thoughts to people and other animals in their environment instinctively.

Here at Sacred Quest Wellness, you will work with animals known as “Wolfdogs.” These animals share the characteristics of their relative, the Wolf.

Intentional connection is the first requirement for a Wolfdog encounter. Through creating a relationship, and mindful connection, the Wolfdog will transfer information to you. You will receive communication telepathically from the Wolfdog by way of thoughts, words, pictures, feelings and sounds within yourself. You may feel as if you are in a dream-like-state for which you may experience a deeply spiritual connection and a sense of knowing.

The ability to experience shared intuitiveness with a Wolfdog can be developed by anyone who is willing to spend time creating the foundation of an incredible relationship.

Practice, time and patience, creates extraordinary wonders of life.

Photo of Raksha, S. Greene

Photo of Raksha, S. Greene

For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

– Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book

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