Trails & Trip-ulations

Trails & Trip-ulations

My trips and tumbles seem to be a regular occurrence these days when I am out on a trail walking with Sequoi, a 17-month old wolfdog.  Do I have two left feet?  A lack of wings?  Am I simply clumsy?

There I was walking in one direction with my wolfdog Sequoi, and then I found myself flat on my back with my feet in the air.  Amidst the laughter of my 15-year old daughter, I look about, and I see there before me a horizontal line of 10 or more people staring at me in astonishment.

So what happened?  Well, I was walking alongside my daughter on the Kinsol Trestle Trail on a gloomy Saturday afternoon.  My daughter was hand-walking a mature gelding while I was hand walking my young male wolfdog.

Sequoi, the wolfdog, has a habit of tangling his feet in mine.  I don’t know how this keeps happening.  Anyways, on this day, I was stopped and was untangling some of the leads in my hand.  Without my noticing, Sequoi got behind me.  I must have taken a step back.  Suddenly I found myself vaulted backward, over the lump of blonde fur, to land on my back, feet in the air.  Sequoi, standing 33 inches at the shoulder, didn’t even seem to notice (or care)!!

The thought crossed my mind, “Should I be embarrassed?  Hell no!”  Every walk with Sequoi of late has been a lesson that allows me to create a good character.  I can now be stared at,  gossiped about, laughed at, laughed with and ogled.

What do I do?  I get up, dust off and carry on.  I hope my daughter is impressed that it just doesn’t always go right with wolfdogs.  The lesson is if you find yourself laying in the dirt, you “cowboy up,” get right back up (in the saddle) and keep on marching (or riding) forward!