Trail of Healing

Trail of Healing

I never felt called to participate in the practice of equine massage therapy actively.  I became certified as an Equine Body Worker, back in early 2000. Back then, professional insurances for Equine Therapists was relatively unavailable, so I primarily used my skills on my performance cutting horses.

A girlfriend recently spoke to me about needing an equine massage therapist for her horse.  I vaguely paid attention and then recalled, I could help her out.  I dragged out my anatomy books and went through the motions of reacquainting myself with the profession, but with a slow, back walking kind of stride.  I finally faced the truth that my heart just wasn’t in doing any equine bodywork whatsoever.

It seemed out of nowhere; a message came into my thoughts that as a Reiki Master, I could perform Reiki on my friend’s horse.  My mandate is to cause no harm and to be in service to all-of-life. Reiki fit into my spiritual wellness practice very well.  I decided to build upon my skills by taking a dual certification course which resonated strongly with me; Animal Reiki and Equine Reiki.

I became a Reiki Master years ago to further my spiritual skills and to deepen my communication with the universe.  Animal Reiki and Equine Reiki showed me that my connections were secure and compatible with the animal kingdom.  A huge takeaway for me during the Animal and Equine Reiki Certification Program was to have no expectations of the animals, just a heart full of pure love and open-mindedness.  I was able to observe and understand the cues and signals of the various animals that I worked with. I found that for me, Animal and Equine Reiki is a meditative and intuitive process. I was able to realize that the horses that I offered Reiki healing to were each quite communicative and appreciative of the healing energy that I provided.

Perhaps, my thirty-eight plus years of walking the trail with horses, has led me to be fully connected to the hoofed equine’s spirit.  Equine specified Reiki training has propelled me down a continuous path of healing.  Along with my Advanced Animal Communication skills, my gifts of animal healing has a responsibility to serve all of life. I am forever blessed, that the horse, called upon me to be their advocate in healing.