The Whisperer Of The Universe


The Whisperer Of The Universe

Why Are You Here?

I remember sitting down at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver in one evening waiting to share “An Evening With Oprah,” I was struck by a question “how on earth did I get here?”  I had no ticket for the Conference, but just days before; I received an email from a girlfriend, offering me this rare and privileged opportunity to buy myself this seat!

Oprah takes the stage and begins the conversation with the audience by asking what she defines as the Ultimate Question, “Why Are You Here?”

Oprah answers the question for us, “If you are here, you have been called by the Universe.”

Oprah goes on to raise the level of our knowing as she clarifies that if we are here on earth, regardless of the way of our birth, whether planned or unplanned, we are here because we have been called.  We are to keep defining, building and evolving “you.” We are to “live, thrive and contribute.” We are to “serve our consciousness, humanity and ourselves.”

Oprah shares, “It is given as a gift from the guardian of your birth.  Each person enters the world called. There is a calling of every being that comes here to the planet.  Our job is to hear it, know it and honor it. We are here to follow the little voice, a voice of intuition, instinct or voice of God.  However you wish to name this little voice, our job is to follow it. We are here to make a difference.”

Oprah brings clarity to the word “Purpose” as she reveals her definition;

“Purpose is Spirit seeking expression.  The purpose is something that you discover.  Something that is revealed to you is the reason for you to be here really.  For many, there is a supreme moment of destiny. Using your life in service to other people, that is how your life gets validated.”

Oprah’s final blessings of her spirit are her last wishes for the audience,

“If you leave here knowing just one thing, it should be to share the energy of love.”