The Many Colors of Hot Air Balloons

The Many Colors of Hot Air Balloons

Imagine a world where every country had a hot air balloon emblem on its national flag and every balloon was the color of white. To honor our national flags, folks around the world would bring their families to the park to take hot air balloon rides. The skies would fill with these glorious balloons.  Every hot air balloon in the sky – worldwide, would be the color of white. How utterly boring!

Then imagine a day, when a photograph is published in the Globe and Mail newspaper of a very special balloon that was seen floating in the skies. Suppose that this balloon was multi-colored and so captivating in appearance that all the citizens of the world would want to have that brilliantly colored balloon soaring above their skies and painted on their national flag.

Variety is the spice of life. Without it, worlds would lose all color and life would become as mundane as the white-hot air balloons in the skies. The things that are vibrant and that are known to be different capture attention, which in turn breeds creativity, stretch the imagination and wakes up dreams.

To knowingly step into a world of color-blindness would be to bring forth a significant impairment, a darkness that would separate your soul from the citizens of the world forever more. The answer, therefore, is to choose to embrace a world of color, opening your eyes wide and inviting all the colors of the rainbows into your world. This openness would invite the warmth of the sun, the blueness of the skies and the green of the trees to be your silhouette in every part of the corner of your world and in every part of the world beyond where you would dare yourself to travel. Imagine an assortment of colored hot air balloons against the backdrop of our universe, multi-colored visions floating delightfully amongst the pale blue clouds. What would that look like to you?

To embrace the co-existence of diverse cultures is a celebration of humanity and the universal acknowledgment that we are all connected as One. The enthusiasm of extending our “little” world into including and respecting skins of different colors, religions, spirituality, cultural groups, customary behaviors, values, and communication styles, would incur an extraordinary shift in our quality of life.

We are not as human beings, meant to live without color and growth. Instead, we are expected to mingle, communicate, learn, listen and accept all citizens of the world as our brothers. It is called a connection.

Rainbows possess the most remarkable assortment of colors and where its tilt touches earth; there is a pot of gold. My wish is that racism will cease with the dawning of realizations that every rainbow, in every country, possess the most incredible mixtures of colors, and that at its end, all rainbows shall meet, and therein will be the pot of gold.