The Hidden Trail

The Hidden Trail

For a few years, I have been on a spiritual journey to find an exceptional High Content Wolfdog to join me in my mission with Sacred Quest Wellness. To locate this extraordinary wolfdog pup, would be to uncover a flawless breeder.  As humans are born faulty, I set myself up for heartache and disillusionment right from the beginning.

Losing a tremendous amount of faith and a significant loss of energy, I decided I needed support on my journey.  In March 2019, I went off to Costa Rica to participate in a deep Spiritual Experience.  During my seven-day quest, I was able to gain insight.  The awareness I received indicated that though my path had challenging barricades and roadblocks, I was indeed on the right track.

Through various forms of healings, meditations, and visions, I received the guidance I was seeking.  However, it wasn’t until I returned home, slammed into yet another wall on a foggy twisted road, that I found a hidden trail that led me directly to where I would find my heart’s desire.  Soon, I will welcome the little charcoal pup into my own home.  He is the one that they called “Buffalo.”

Blessings, Light and Love,

Kim Renée Coté