Ambassador Joe Wahkan

To Look into the Eyes of a Wolf is to See Your Own Soul

~ Aldo Leopold

Joe Wahkan, High Content Wolfdog

(Born April 2019)

“He Was the One They Called Buffalo”

Though Joe Wahkan will turn a greyish white in a couple of years, he was born black, just as all his siblings were.  To tell the dark charcoal pups apart, his breeder gave them names based on some of the identifying marks gifted upon them by the Creator.  This particular pup had the symbol of a white buffalo skull on his chest.  He was the one they called “Buffalo.”




From the beginning, a particular pup stood out for me.  There were three brothers, all very similar in size and coloring.  There was one pup who captured my attention.  He did not fuss when I tried to bottle feed him.  He would sleep peacefully in my arms.  He was the one they called “Buffalo.”

The Legend of the White Buffalo

As spiritual as I am, there is a powerful force within me that has me believe in the power of the Creator.  I have an innate ability to trust the guidance given to me from the Spirit World, and I am so appreciative of those blessings.

The Legend of The White Buffalo promises spiritual enlightenment and conscious awareness.  The White Buffalo represents Peace, Harmony, and Balance for all of life living on Mother Earth.

Within four weeks of his birth, this pup became critically ill.  It became impossible for me to leave him behind.  With a heart full of love, I gathered up this particular pup and promised him I’d walk along his healing journey and when he would be healthy, I welcomed him to join my mission of extending light, love, and teachings amongst all of life.  This little charcoal pup we named Joe Wahkan; “Wahkan” being the Sioux name for Sacred.  As an Ambassador to his breed, Joe Wahkan will help educate people about the misconceptions of wolves and offer love’s healing energy.

Additionally, Joe Wahkan will be assisting in the healing work at Sacred Quest Wellness through the “Wisdom of The Wolf Energy Intuitive Learning Program.” For this role, he will be known as Shaman Buffalo Joe.