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Specializing in Spiritual Wellness ~ Life Coaching, Healing and Intuitive Work provides you passage to your Higher Consciousness, creates positive change, and propels you into living an extraordinary life.

At Sacred Quest Wellness, clients are offered a combination of life coaching and inner healing.  Along with the free-spirited energy of nature, you will receive the added opportunity of creating a relationship with wolfdogs to help build confidence, trust, patience, and self-esteem.

Life Coaching, staying in the present moment, authenticity, being uncomfortable without panicking, having healthy boundaries, all support change.

A program with Sacred Quest Wellness teaches heart and soul lessons that are hard to learn in an office setting. I combine people with nature and wolfdogs in a protective environment in the facilitation of creating a powerful experience of change for the client. I assist clients in “getting out of their heads and into their hearts and bodies.”

Working with wolfdogs in a life coaching framework can help clients find peace, healing, and connect with self, others, and nature. Wolfdogs are comfortable with humans when we are authentic to ourselves. Wolfdog interaction will also help with verbal and non-verbal communication, enhanced self-awareness, higher capacities for thought processes, problem-solving, relationship building, and teamwork.

Being in nature where there is no judgement nor criticism, merely an acceptance of what is in this very moment causes a reflection of change that clients feel can be so astonishing that it begins a path of inner discovery and healing.

Sacred Quest Wellness has several programs that clients can choose from or create a combination thereof.

All programs are client centred and built upon the cornerstones of a resourceful and balanced life.

Kim Renée Coté
“All of life and every living thing communicates through energy,
bringing hope and harmony for a new day.”

~ Kim Renée Coté

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